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Concerned Citizens of NJ


Check out our exciting Upcoming Event!!

Special Announcement!

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The "Children's Health Defense" team has a bus traveling across this great nation, recording testimonies of people who have been harmed by the vaccine and Covid hospital protocols. We hope these testimonies lead to greater awareness and class action lawsuits in the near future. CCNJ is proud to be hosting the CHD stop in New Jersey on October 9th at our Gateway Bridgewater location and we encourage everyone who has been a victim of this tragedy to step up and stop in to be a part of this historic event. No tickets or RSVP required.  To learn more about the CHD bus tour please Click Here>> 


We also have a special guest coming for the day. Vera Sharav will be there to greet and discuss how to hold these doctors accountable for their actions.

For those who do not know Vera, Click Here>> for more information!  

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Check Out Our New School Board Website!

Did you know that CCNJ has been building a School Board website and forum where parents can connect with other parents in their school district?  The site also includes some Tools and Resources for parents such as how to run for your local school board.  Click Here to check it out>>

Reported VAX Reactions

Are you being pressured into taking an experimental vaccine in order to keep your job?  Please check out the news feeds below before making a decision.  Vaccine injuries & deaths are not rare.  

Warning: Sensitive Content 19+

Lose Someone To Remdesivir or other Covid-19 Hospital Protocols?

The CCNJ team is encouraging others to share their story on the site below. The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Project is now worldwide and a local chapter has been set up here in New Jersey to help victims find help.


For those victims who are suffering long term adverse effects from the COVID 19 vaccine, click the link below.  React 19 is a science-based non-profit offering financial, physical, and emotional support. 

React 19 Website>>



Hi all,

       I want to thank all of you for having the willingness to step out of your comfort level and join me in this endeavor to gather fellow neighbors and collectively share with them knowledge and ideas which will help all of us traverse through these troubled times of government overeach and media censorship.

Just like you, I am extremely busy with daily life but have decided that our community and country are reaching a tipping point where we either remain silent and alone in darkness and lose all that our forefathers gave us or we stand up, wake up and start shedding light into that darkness and regain back our freedoms and prosperity.

So we are starting a citizen organization called Concerned Citizens of New Jersey with the intent, not to focus on divisive politics but an all inclusive group of people wanting to dive deeper into the facts and truth instead of just following headlines and narratives. A group of people wanting to network with fellow neighbors to share their knowledge, talents, goods and ideas and to build a sustainable community regardless of where our country is heading. 

We are finding local doctors wanting to speak about covid treatments and lawyers wanting to help protect you from mask and vaccine mandates. Local farmers and small businesses wanting to work together. Check out our Events page for more information on that.

Please do not feel pressured or obligated to attend meetings. We are developing "micro tasks" for people who want to participate but have extremely limited time and ability. This will allow them, with just a few minutes per week, to still do something good for their futures as a collective community. Stand by for further details on that. 

Also if you could, please forward this website to any of your family and friends who might be interested in joining as well.

Thank you again for taking a stand and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting all of you soon,


Concerned Citizens NJ
Hunterdon County chapter




Bringing neighbors together, helping each other to gain knowledge and Support during these tough times of increasing government deception and tyranny.

We believe that our founding fathers saw the inherent evil in government powers. That they took every step to divide up its power by handing it to each individual State and limiting its role only to secure the inalienable rights of each individual citizen. 

We uphold the rights of all New Jerseyans to the full disclosure of information that is required for them to make sound decisions and the freedom to consent or deny anything that affects their health, wellbeing or quality of life. We aim to provide effective, factual, referenced material which can be used by community groups and individuals to voice their concerns about issues which affect their lives and those of their families. 
This site will house resources such as brochures, letter templates, videos and information links. These are for use by individuals who wish to exercise their democratic right to voice their concerns through the official channels and in their communities. This site will also house links to important articles and video resources to provide information on Citizen's rights and current concerns that may affect the lives of all New Jerseyans. 

Thank you for visiting this site. We invite you to subscribe so we can update you by email about resources, tools and events. 

Your subscription will also enable us to stay in touch with you should Facebook or other information platforms become compromised. We will never share your details with any other parties.  

Many thanks for joining with us as a concerned citizen. You are not alone.

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